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Sunfire Cow Breeding Package

Male: Sunfire 100% het Orange Ghost Stripe 66% pos het Albino Female: Sunfire Phantom 66% pos het Albino


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Here is a breeding package that will produce the Cows you've been dreaming of ! Breeding these together will produce: Cows, Super Sunfire Cows, Sunfire Cows, Super Sunfire Phantoms and possibly even Albino Cow and Phantom combos ! While adding the Sunfire genetic into a Cow won't most likely make a huge difference, it will produce some unbelievable Phantoms ! This pair is also unrelated so there no concern needed about inbreeding, the Phantom is also a year old so this puts you a year closer to making Cows ! 

Sunfire Cow Breeding Package
Cow001BR , shipping included in the price !