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Get in the Game Breeding Package

Male: Sunfire Motley Phantom 100% het Albino Female: 4.5 year old White Phase Albino


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If you want to get into the "game" tomorrow, this is the pair to get ! The male is a powerhouse with 3 incomplete dominant (co dominant) genes and is also heterozygous for Albino, he comes from a Lavender breeding so could prove out het White or het Purple ! The female is sitting at about 11 to 12 feet + and will be ready to breed within a few months with the right diet! Right away you'll be making Albino Sunfire Phantoms , Albino Sunfire Motleys, Albino Sunfire Motley Phantoms; all of which jaw dropping combinations whether they hatch out in White or Lavender. You'll also be hatching out Motley Phantoms, Motley Sunfire Phantoms, and many more combos all of which will be 100% het Albino or visual Albino (Lavender and White or just White depending on if the male proves het Purple or het White). Having the age of the female will save you the four years you'd spend growing up a hatchling and will instantly put you up with any retic breeder in the country ! 

Get in the Game Breeding Package
ID # Star001BR